Shimano xt crankset weight

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View all Training and Nutrition. My Account. This page is designed to be a complete listing of weights of bicyclecomponents we stock. We have started with road groupsets and willcomplete the other categories as time allows. Having a lighter bicycle will save you energy every time you rideuphill. A light bike is also desirable in road races and criteriumswhere you will need to accelerate frequently in response to attacks.

Having a lighter bike is better. This assumes that the light weight isachieved without adversely sacrificing the strength, stiffness,durability or safety of the component. Of all the places where weight can be saved having lighter wheels willoffer the greatest benefit. Fortunately lightweight tubes, tires andrim tapes are also one of the least expensive places to reduce weight.

Many off the peg bikes will be specced with cheap wire bead clinchertires weighing in excess of g, oem rubber rim strips weighing over30g each and inner tubes weighing over g each. Good qualityclincher tires are available weighing less than g, tubes areavailable weighing 55g and rim tapes from 6g.

Combined savings of overg of rotational weight compared with most OEM set ups areavailable. In the UCI introduced a minimum bike weight of 6. Now its possible to buy acomplete off the peg bike under this weight to which you'll need toattach weights if taking part in any races.

Of course not everyonewants to race and many people get as much satisfaction in the processof building up their perfect bike by considered selection of frame,wheels and components as they do riding the finished article. SRAM made claims to have produced the first sub 2kg groupset in their Red offering.

However anyone who had taken the time to add up the component weights would have found that Campagnolo Record 10sp was under 2kg in The Campagnolo Super Record group at g is the lightest group that can be fitted to any standard bike. Campagnolo Super Record. Campagnolo Record. Campagnolo Chorus. Your Basket. Chat to an Expert. Awaiting connection to Support Agent Live Support.Shimano and SRAM are two of the biggest cycling component manufacturers in the world.

Both have a wide range of offerings for all ranges of bike but, in this blog, we are going to take a closer look at the Shimano XT and the SRAM GX groupsets — two popular groupset options suiting beginners and experienced cyclists.

The groupset refers to all the components of a bike relating to gear shifting and braking, including the shifters, crankset, bottom bracket, front and rear derailleurs, chain, and cassette. This post might contain affiliate links for which we may make a small commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase. Learn more. The Shimano XT groupset is a workhorse suited to all riders. It prides itself on versatility and performance, without breaking the bank.

Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of riders — from enduro racers to cross-country riders to everyday trail riders. The XT has also evolved to add new features to its offering. The M edition added wide-range cassettes and front chainrings to suit all preferences. The shifting is smooth and precise, but the cranks finish wears fairly quickly. You can get speed XT in t and t cassettes, to be used with both double and triple cranksets.

The most modern version of the XT is the recently launched M, which adds speed cassette sprockets with either a T or T range. So, really, the Shimano XT now caters for all. The speed adds superior gear performance with hollow alloy cranks to maximize power while reducing weight. The cassette range is t, which is pretty impressive. Any mountain biker that wants a single-ring drivetrain, high-performance groupset, at a budget cost should take a look at the GX.

If you want a superb range of gears, the SRAM wins. When it comes to road biking, Shimano is leading the way. However, in mountain biking, SRAM has been a leader in the marketplace. When it comes to the GX or the XT, my preference lies slightly towards the XT, purely for the extra performance it brings and reduction in weight since the arrival of the speed.

The GX is the cheaper option but if smoother shifting and the look of your bike are important, Shimano wins. Both options, however, are extremely reliable and durable for most types of mountain biking and could be used for touring, commuting or cyclocross. Founder of Vivi Nation, the cycling, running and active living brand.

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shimano xt crankset weight

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Shimano speeds up XTR delivery w/ non-series MT900 crank, groups available now

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Forum rules. Post by BikeFanatic on Tue May 12, pm Sorry if this topic has already been broached, but has anyone seen a listing of the new Shimano Xt M component weights?

shimano xt crankset weight

I've seen some websites that built up a bike with the new XT group, but didn't bother to weigh them beforehand I'm pretty sure Shimano's put some stringent requirements on anyone they've blessed with a groupset.

I own a lot of Treks.

Shimano XT M8100 and SLX M7100 – complete price, spec & weight lists

Shipping costs may be added. I thought that be the case. I was wondering if all the XT stuff is still considered to be in the "pre-production" phase by Shimano As far as I've seen, no one has gotten their hands on the 1x or 3x groups, though only 2x.

I'm looking at buying the 2x Xt grouppo and a separate 34t 1x chainring. Good to have options. I like the steel teeth on their 1x chainrings. Shimano still comes out with some pretty clever stuff. Post by hjb on Sun May 17, am The big question for me is the weight of the T and T cassettes on offer. The whole industry narrative of 1x is about reducing complexity and weight.Shimano brings speed to its second- and third-tier mountain bike groupsets.

By Jack Luke. We hope Shimano sticks with this in the future as it makes the lives of end users and narky journalists that bit easier. That both of the groupsets have moved to a speed drivetrain is, of course, the big news. Shimano introduced speed drivetrains into its lineup with the XTR M last year. These are the first cheaper groupsets to add another cog.

While the fact that SLX and XT are now speed is interesting, how those 12 cogs are mounted to a hub is the truly interesting thing. This additional cog increases the range of the cassette.

We think the adoption of Micro Spline is the headline feature from the launch of the two new groupsets. Before you get your pants in a panic worrying about spares availability, Shimano still produces screw-on freewheels for a range that became obsolete a very long time ago.

As of writing, only a handful of manufacturers are licensed to produce hubs with the new freehub body: DT Swiss, Industry Nine and Shimano itself being the key players.

When we asked at the launch when other brands were likely to join this number, it was confirmed that Mavic, Newman, Syncros and others will announce the release Micro Spline-equipped wheels by the time this story is published. When shifting down the cassette — i.

This results in a smoother transition between gears. Unlike XTR, the same lever is used for either caliper. This standard, originally developed for the road, has found favour on many modern XC bikes. An XTR Race level flat mount caliper is available. All brake levers get a nifty bracing nubbin that sits towards the outboard end of the reservoir.

This adds an additional bracing point to the brake lever and improves lever stiffness notably. This new standard, introduced with XTR M, is said to make fine adjustments to cockpit position easier, with up to 14mm of lateral adjustment and 20 degrees of rotational adjustment to shifters or dropper levers possible. With the new speed XT and SLX groupsets, different chainlines are accomplished by changing the length of the spindle and using different combinations of spacers.

To be clear, as with previous generations of HollowTech2 cranksets, the spindle is fixed to the driveside crank arm — achieving a correct chainline is dependent on you ordering, or your OEM speccing, the right crank. The specs, including the Q-factor — the width between the outside face of each pedal eyelet — of each version of the cranks is as follows:. A double chainset is available in one ratio for both groupsets.

XTR is also only available as a 1x or 2x option. The specs for the double crank are:. It may look as though the chainring is mounted to a spider, but this is actually part of the chainring itself. This option was not available for XTR. All speed Shimano mountain bike components are compatible with each other. Not a problem. On that note, two-piston caliper pads remain the same as the outgoing generation, but four-piston calipers use an all-new design.Clad in all black, the FC-MT was created as an interim option for the original FC-M and all XTR M crank models after productions issued caused a significant delay in their forecasted arrival.

There are a handful of M cranks that made it into the wild, and these are perfectly functional. But Shimano decided that they needed to offer another crank that they could quickly produce while waiting for the new production run of cranks to ramp up. While the MT forgoes the new preload assembly of the M, it does gain the direct mount chainring capability and the exact same XTR chainring that will come on the M Shimano also points out that this is still one of the lighter HollowTech II cranks they have made coming in at g for a mm crank with a 32t chainring and no BB.

Apparently thousands of the MT cranks were made, but this will not be a permanent addition to the line up. After the M cranks hit warehouses in June, the MT will be phased out which may be a bummer for some.

However, the M crankset will be lighter and has a narrower Q-factor than the MT vs. In other XTR related news, Murdick confirmed that the Scylence hub has been effectively cut from the line up due to the potential for long term durability issues.

This is supposedly not silent, but not exactly loud either. Shimano has also decided to axe the 11 speed option for the group, which they state was more an attempt to reduce the amount of SKUs than anything else. With the production difficulties to this point, they decided that they would focus their resources on the most in demand products — wide range 12 speed. Murdick points out that the 11 speed group was still most requested by their pro athletes due to the ability to run a shorter cage derailleur and stronger wheels.

That also means the wider flange 11 speed specific rear hub is no longer on the table. The best news is that in spite of their production difficulties, Shimano tells us that the groups are in the warehouses now and shipping to dealers.

They have a few hundred of the MT cranks on hand now, and are expecting a large shipment at the end of the month. Once that shipment arrives, it will allow Shimano to completely open all of the ordering options not just complete groupsand it will make finding single replacement parts much easier. And it took them 3 years to come out with this hub, and now they realize there is a problem?

By the way, Shimano does make really nice fishing equipment though. They use that excuse for everything. E-bike batteries, R parts, blah blah blah.

Have you ever built a new manufacturing facility? It takes years of planning and construction to make it happen. In their defense 1x for MTB sorta came outta nowhere. Totally reasonable for a big industry player like Shimano to be caught off guard. Scrambling to make up lost ground much? I think Shimano is lying. I think these were going to be the new XT 12 speed cranksets fo release later in the year or next year if the XTR series had been on schedule.

I agree. XTR cranks with that silvery touch, have been ugly since forever. This simple full black one is perfect. Not nice for XC purists. Keep in mind you NEED a special ring for this group, so they were forced to come up with something that could use it.

Their anodization facility burned down last year. The M has a complex anodized finish. The M is just simple black…. So basically everything they have been hyping the system to be is no longer valid. Shimano RO80 and RO50 roller clutch hubs.The new Shimano speed XT group borrows a huge swatch of technology from last year's updates to the top-end XTR line, resulting in a component group that closely mirrors its more expensive sibling and offers a more affordable option for those of us on a budget.

The XT M Crankset keeps the gears turning with advanced Hollowtech II construction and chain management features to keep you on track and zooming down the trail.

shimano xt crankset weight

While Shimano's bearings have always been solid, the M gets an update with smaller bearings and improved seals for an even smoother ride that efficiently transfers power into forward motion. The Hollowtech II cold-forging process results in crankarms that are both stiffer and lighter than most solid crankarms, and they install in a flash with a thru-axle and pinch bolt design.

The DCE tooth shape is a signature squared-off and slightly hooked profile that grabs the chain when it needs to, and lets it slide by at the back end of the pedal stroke for smooth power over any terrain. The XT M 1x Crankset is available with several chainring size options, allowing riders to maximize the trail ride experience based on their specific gearing needs. They look elegant on the bike paired with my xt 32t chainring and full xt drive train.

You cant go wrong with the price for these aluminum cranks, however if I had the money for xtr cranks, I would go buy those in a heartbeat! I bought this Shimano XT 1x specific crankset for my conversion from 2x10 to 1x11 thinking it would help achieve the proper chainline and hopefully avoid any issues when backpedaling on the largest two cogs.

After receiving the crankset delivery, I discovered that the only difference between this and the 2x version is that this contains 4 chainring bolts and no chainring as I expectedwhile the 2x has 2 chainrings and 8 bolts?! I thought a mistake had been made in what was sent to me when I made this disovery. This 1x crankset actually uses the same 2x spider as the XT crankset sold as 2x!! Sure, a 96BCD ring is supposed to be attached in the larger chain ring position, but it seems like a crankset sold as 1x specific would have a spider for only one chain ring positioned a bit further in toward the non-drive side.

Normally, with a 2x, we avoid crosschaining between the big ring and three largest cogs and also avoid using the 3 smallest cogs while in the small ring up front. With a 1x, we need to ride in all 11 cogs and need to move the chain line in a couple millimeters. It's common for many to experience the problem dropping the chain on the largest two cogs while backpedaling, I think this set is getting returned.

XTR 1x crank apparently has a true 1x spider, but the price is more than I can justify. I'll probably just keep the old 2x XT cranks since they will have the same chain line and I can reuse my existing Wolf Tooth narrow-wide single ring. At this time, the Tech Specs on this product page indicates Compatible Components: Shimano speed 1x drivetrains AND Rings: 1 Note that there is no indication that it is also compatible with 2x drivetrains and 2 Rings.

In my attached photo, you can see that the spider has bolt holes for two rings.Item SHIA. The latest generation of Shimano's road and mountain drivetrains has seen some pretty extravagant changes. With trickle-down technology like Hollowtech II construction and smaller bearings with improved seals, Shimano's XT Cranks may be winning the race to provide the self-sponsored racers of the world with one-by drivetrains.

While the improved bearings are nice in that they're lighter, smoother, and have less chance of debris gumming them up, we have to admit that bearing issues have never been one of our great concerns with Shimano kit.

Ditto crank arm stiffness, and the Hollowtech II cold-forging process is a big reason why. Despite making the crank arms hollow to save weight, Shimano's cold-forged construction doesn't sacrifice strength or efficiency, so the crank arm assembly is both lighter and stronger than designs with solid arms.

Installation is just as easy as you'd expect, with the simple, durable, and effective thru-axle and pinch bolt design returning to celebrate yet another year as the amateur mechanic's favorite system. Actual weights are measured in-house by the Competitive Cyclist team. Have questions?


Chat with a Gearhead. Shimano makes the best cranks! Use them! Shimano's tried and true XT crank optimized for 1x and hollowed out for lightness.

Just a great crankset at a great price. Love it, I also went with the absolute black chainring and love the system works. I just received this crankset from Backcountry and it does not appear to be optimized for 1x. The spider has bolt holes for two chain rings. I already have a single narrow-wide installed on a 2x crankset.

It looks like this "1x" set will still give a chain line as if running a double. I assumed this crankset would only take single and would position it toward the large cog side by 2 or 3 millimeters. This crank was simple to install in place of the older XT crank I had before.

It's stiff and light, Set it and forget it! Will this fit my beargrease carbon x7? I believe it has a 41x bb. They have boost and fat bike sizes. This is a really great crank. Not too pricey, but good and stiff, and looks good too! I put a red AB oval ring on mine, and it is a sight to behold! I am changing her over from a 3 x 9 to a 1 x 10 system with XT all the way through. Great purchase, easy to maintain and will take any physical abuse you want to apply to them.

Does this crank set come with chainring bolts? Hi Blair, These will work with a few different bottom brackets, it will depend on which frame these are going into. I have always wanted XT cranks.


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